CPA Licensing Requirements in Alabama

For Candidates in Alabama who have Passed the Uniform CPA Exam

Alabama is one of only five states that have a two-tiered CPA licensure system. Upon passing the CPA examination, you will receive a CPA certificate. In order to receive a full license, the following requirements must be met.  

Experience Requirement

  • At least one year of public accounting


  • At least two years of non-public accounting, including: accounting in the private sector, government, or education

Additional Requirements

  • CPA licenses in Alabama must be registered annually, at a cost of $75.
  • When registering a license for the first time, you must mail the registration form and fee to the ASBPA.  
  • If you work in public accounting, you must also pay a $25 fee for a license from a county-level authority such as a probate judge.

Continuing Professional Education Requirements

In order to maintain CPA status, you must complete at least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every fiscal year, beginning on October 1st and ending on the September 30th.

  • At least 8 CPE hours must be in the subjects of accounting and auditing
  • A maximum of 20 CPE hours may be self-study
  • A maximum of 10 CPE hours may be invested into publication
  • A maximum of 8 CPE hours may be fulfilled at technical sessions
  • A maximum of 8 CPE hours may be spent on behavioral courses

For CPE, one hour of credit is equal to one 50-minute session. They are NOT semester hours.