CPA Licensing Requirements in Louisiana

For Candidates in Louisiana who have Passed the Uniform CPA Exam

Experience Requirement

The state of Louisiana requires that applicants complete at least one year, a minimum of 2,000 hours, of complex accounting experience before they can become a licensed CPA. A licensed CPA and employer must verify these hours.

Experience can be earned in government accounting, public accounting, or academia.

Additional Requirements

  • Licenses are valid for one year. Applicants must submit a renewal form, along with a $100 fee, by December 31 each year
  • Applicants must swear an oath as given by the State Board of Certified Public Accountants of Louisiana
  • Initial applicants must submit an application form, along with a $100 application fee

Continuing Professional Education Requirements

The State of Louisiana has a three-year CPE reporting cycle, starting January 1 and running through December 31. The current cycle began in January 2013 and will end in December of 2015.

In order to maintain a CPA license in Louisiana, the following CPE requirements must be met:

  • 120 CPE hours completed if licensed for the full three year cycle
  • 80 CPE hours completed if licensed for two years of the cycle
  • 40 CPE hours completed if licensed for a year of the cycle
  • 0 CPE hours completed if licensed within the last 12 months of the cycle

If any CPE hours are required, it must include four hours of ethics courses.

There is no limitation on self-study hours, but all self-study must be interactive. Interactive self-study means that there should be consistent participant response and evaluation.