CPA Licensing Requirements in Nevada

For Candidates in Nevada who have Passed the Uniform CPA Exam

Candidates must meet experience and ethics requirements set forth by the State Board of Accountancy to qualify for licensure in Nevada.

Experience Requirement

Candidates are required to have at least two years of public accounting work experience. A CPA that has direct knowledge of the candidate’s work responsibilities must confirm all experience. Qualifying experience must include competency in:

  • Advising in tax-related matters or preparing tax returns
  • Consulting or advising in management-related matters
  • Accounting or auditing
  • Finance

Education Requirement

Nevada’s CPA license candidates must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and a total of 150 semester hours of college credit.

Ethics Requirement

Candidates must successfully pass the “Rules of Professional Conduct (Ethics)” examination administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) within the three years immediately prior to submitting a license application.

The Nevada State Board of Accountancy also requires all candidates to undergo a criminal background check by submitting completed fingerprint cards or participating in electronic fingerprinting.

Fee Requirement

Candidates for CPA licensure in Nevada must pay a $200 application fee and a $50 investigation fee upon submitting an application for CPA certification.

Continuing Professional Education Requirement

CPAs must complete at least 80 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every two years to qualify for license renewal in Nevada. These CPE hours must include four hours in professional ethics.