CPA Licensing Requirements in Texas

For Candidates in Texas who have Passed the Uniform CPA Exam

Experience Requirement

Before a CPA candidate can be licensed in Texas, they must complete at least one year, a minimum of 2,000 hours, of accounting experience under a licensed CPA.

After completing the experience hours, applicants must submit a work experience form that verifies the experience they have gained.

Ethics Exam Requirement

In order to become a licensed CPA in Texas, candidates must complete a four-hour ethics course. This course must also be completed every two years once a candidate becomes licensed.

Additional Requirements

  • There is a $50 initial licensing fee
    • This fee can be prorated depending on the length of time the initial license will be valid
  • There is a professional registration fee of $200 per year
  • CPA licenses are valid for a 12 month period
    • Due date for renewal is the last day of the licensees birth month

Continuing Professional Education Requirements

There is a three-year CPE cycle for all actively licensed CPAs in Texas:

  • Applicants must complete a minimum of 120 CPE hours during each CPE cycle
    • A minimum of 20 CPE hours must be completed each year