Crime Grows in the Digital Age

We are living in a digital world, no one can argue against that. The way that we work and play has so much to do with online interactions, computers, digital media, social networks, and more that it was only a matter of time before the criminals started to find ways to take advantage and steal on the web. After all, criminals have to go where the people are and where the money is. Over the past few years, cybercrime rates have risen drastically, and this is likely to continue. Stopping these crimes is a huge concern, and digital forensics experts and security experts are the ones who can help to curb them.

One of the biggest problems is hacking, which takes advantages of weaknesses in a system. It’s possible for a hacker to destroy data, steal data, or even place data onto a computer system. The hackers can even steal password and account information that could give them access to your bank accounts. This type of problem can affect individuals as well as large corporations. One would think that Sony would have great security for their systems, but they’ve been the victim of attacks on more than one occasion.

Cyber theft, credit card fraud, and hacking are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different types of crimes that can cause damage to a company or a private individual. Identity theft happens far more frequently now that people do everything on the web. Criminals are even using the web to document and track shipments of drugs. There is no end to the variety of crimes that employ computers and the web to help them.

It’s a silly notion to think that limiting people’s access to the web would help. That would only hurt freedoms. Instead, it’s important that more people start to learn to be safe when they are on the web. It’s also vital to have more people enter the field of computer forensics.

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