Smart Phones and Digital Forensics

Most people today have a cell phone, and many have smart phones that have capabilities similar to what a computer has. This allows people to communicate more easily, to stay in contact with family, friends, and business associates, and to have access to documents, photos, videos, and more. Of course, criminals also take advantage of this technology and use it without realizing that doing so can help to incriminate them. With the advent of digital forensics, it’s quickly becoming impossible for criminals to get away with anything.

One of the reasons that people enjoy their smart phones is because of the apps. Thousands of different apps are available, and all of them will leave behind some sort of digital evidence. Those who use their phones for taking pictures or video of any illegal activity will have a record of that on their device. Even if they delete the information, a qualified computer forensics specialist will be able to retrieve it and use it against them in court.

The digital forensics investigators of today have many different tools and techniques that they will be able to use to get the information they need. It’s possible to recover text messages, trace movement if the accused used a GPS on his or her phone, and determine when calls were made and to whom they were made. This can help to give investigators a timeline of the suspect’s activities and locations, which can help to exonerate or convict them. While the application of this type of forensics as it relates to smart phones is relatively new, it’s sure to become more important in the future.

Criminals are going to have a difficult time beating the law with all of the technological advances and the help of digital forensics investigators. This should be welcome news to everyone.

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