Cybercrime Threats You Might Encounter

When it comes to cybercrime, there are countless varieties and variations out there and there seem to be new ones cropping up each day. Even when you try to be as safe as possible on the web, there is a chance – a good chance – you are going to have to deal with some type of cyber threat at some point. The following are just a few of the common threats that you might encounter.

Viruses and Malware

Most people know that viruses and malware are the bane of computer users. The viruses can infect your system, spread through networks, and turn your computers into useless hunks of plastic and metal. New viruses hit the web all the time, and the only real defense that most computer users have is the antivirus software that they employ.


Adware can be quite dastardly. It can redirect your browser, cause programs to perform poorly, and debilitate your system. Some might not even call this a crime in some cases. When you download freeware to your computer, you will often have a screen pop up that asks if you agree with the terms and the conditions of using the software. What you might not realize is that in those terms and conditions, they tell you that they are adding adware to your system! This is akin to agreeing to let someone rob you.

Identity Theft

With the rise of social networks, online banking, and other activities on the web that put your information online, identity theft has grown as an issue. It might be some time before you even realize that you were a victim of identity theft, and by then it could have some disastrous consequences on your life.

The above are just a couple of examples of the cybercrime threats that are facing the world today. Phishing, cyber stalking, email scams, and more are prevalent as well. Be careful out there!

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