Alaska CPA Exam Requirements

For Candidates in Alaska that have not Taken the Uniform CPA Exam

The Alaska State Board of Public Accountancy is made up of five CPAs and two public members that oversee license maintenance for the 1,293 CPAs active in the state as of 2014.  The Board is also responsible for conferring licenses to new candidates that have met all CPA licensing requirements.

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Education Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree with a concentration in accounting that includes the following semester hour distribution:
    • 24 semester hours of accounting
    • 3 semesters of business law
    • 3 semesters in economics
    • 3 semester hours in college level math/statistics/or computer science


  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting that included:
    • 15 semester hours of accounting


  • A bachelor’s degree-in-progress in accounting that consists of:
    • Being within 18 semester hours of earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting
    • 15 semester hours of accounting


  • A bachelor’s degree with qualifying experience that includes:
    • Any kind of bachelor’s degree
    • At least one year of public accounting experience while being supervised by a CPA

All qualifying degree programs must include at least 150 semester hours, 30 more than the standard 120.

General Requirements

  • Submit official transcripts to the CPA Examinations Services of Alaska (CPAES) for each college or university attended
  • Proof of accounting experience (if applicable with educational requirement)
    • Do this by submitting both a Verification of Supervised Work Experience form and the Verification of Licensure for CPA Supervisor Form. (The second is not required if your supervisor is licensed in Alaska)
  • You must be 19 years old before sitting for the exam
  • If you have not yet earned your bachelor’s degree by the time you apply, you must fulfill the following requirements:
    • Submit all official transcripts from all colleges and universities that you have attended
    • Submit a Certificate of Enrollment form to the CPAES
    • After earning your degree, submit final official transcripts, sent directly from the college or university

Fee Requirements

Alaska has the following fees that must be paid prior to taking the Uniform CPA Exam:

  • Application fee – $165
  • Examination fees
    • Auditing and Attestation (AUD) – $192.03
    • Business Environment and Concepts – (BEC) – $172.51
    • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) – $192.03
    • Regulation (REG) – $172.51
  • Registration fees
    • If you are taking all four exams – $121
    • If you are taking three exams – $104.50
    • If you are taking two exams – $88
    • If you are taking one exam – $65

Prometric test centers in Alaska are located in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

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