The Challenges of Digital Security and Forensics Today

Many people seem surprised that criminals have taken to the Internet to scam people, but it should come as no shock. People have always tried to find ways to take things that don’t belong to them and to cause other people misery. It’s only natural that it made its way to the Internet. Fortunately, there are those who take these crimes seriously and who have the skills to combat the criminals. However, the computer forensics specialists are facing a number of challenges that make this task difficult.

One of the biggest problems is also something that many people love about technology. It evolves and changes rapidly, and that means the forensic specialists have to adapt, as well.

30 years ago, the walkman was a popular device that people carried with them to listen to cassette tapes. 15 years ago, people were using their CD walkmans. Less than a decade ago, people began using dedicated MP3 players for their music. Today, our phones can store music, movies, documents, connect to the web and more. Our reliance and love of technology means that criminals who understand tech will be able to attack accounts, access data, steal money and more with ease.

The digital forensics specialist needs to make sure that he or she is up to date on all of the latest computer technology and devices. They need to be able to work with more than just a traditional computer since smart phones and tablets are so popular.

Another one of the challenges that the world is facing is that there is an overwhelming need for these types of investigators, but there simply aren’t enough of them out there. More people need to take up this career in order to combat the thieves and criminals that are seemingly running rampant and doing as they please.

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